Visible Market Outlook by Philips Eyes

Visible Market Outlook by Philips Eyes

For successful market development and productive activity implementation on the market it seems to be insufficient just to understand its needs. It is necessary to offer high quality products in an understandable and accessible way.

Denis Salov, Head of Philips Automotive Lighting in Ukraine, Moldova, Central Asia and the Caucasus, told Info-Parts journalists at AD OPEN 2013 on what is offered by Philips to the service market in Ukraine.

Info-Parts: Do you distinguish the consumers?

We distinguish for ourselves different consumers categories based on their needs. If we talk about car lighting, then some consumers require more light on the road, some want to stand out in a monotone flow and treat the car as an adoration object.Someone wants to replace the lamp in the car and forget about its service for a long time – i.e. to increase the interval between services. All Philips product ranges designed to meet the needs of all consumers’ categories.

Info-Parts: What changes occurred in the product range during the last year?

Philips: This year we offered to car mechanics the new and updated range of inspection lamps. It was decided to unify the range of daytime running lights to two most popular products - Philips Daylight Guide and Philips Daylight 4. We also released new product line in halogen lamps - Philips Color Vision, which available in 4 versions and will create a pink, green, yellow and blue light in the reflector, while the color of the light flux on the road remained standard color temperature and has +60% more light.


Info-Parts: What are the benefits the end user gets when installing Philips product?

Philips: Ordinary car owners are often simple car user, they expect from the lamps the stable light output and smooth operation during all the period of the lifetime. Also, the buyers are interested in maximizing lifetime regarding all the products. Philips warrants the compliance of all of its products to the original quality.


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