MAHLE Aftermarket expands its product lines by adding 150 new part numbers

MAHLE Aftermarket expands its product lines by adding 150 new part numbers

As part of the company’s continuing product line expansion, MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. recently introduced 150 new part numbers – including 77 new MAHLE Original gasket part numbers. The new offerings are for a variety of gaskets, pistons and piston rings, filters, valves, engine bearings and turbochargers now available for both light vehicle and heavy-duty applications.

MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. announced in 2016 that the new brand name for the gasket line would be MAHLE Original gaskets; these are the same sealing products sold in North America since 2007 under the Victor Reinz brand licensed to MAHLE Aftermarket.

The MAHLE Original gasket line will continue to offer the best coverage in the aftermarket across domestic, Asian and European markets, as well as in heavy-duty applications. The MAHLE Original gasket offering includes nearly 10,000 part numbers, covering 900,000 applications, with more than 1,000 exclusive part numbers.

The new part numbers are available in the following product categories: valve cover gasket sets, cylinder head gaskets, timing cover gasket sets, water pump gaskets, intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, oil pan gasket sets, turbocharger gaskets, throttle body gaskets, EGR valve gaskets, pistons and piston rings, camshafts, intake and exhaust valves, turbochargers, oil and air filters, individual and main bearing sets and connecting rod bearings.

“MAHLE Aftermarket continues to expand its complete line of parts for light vehicle and heavy-duty applications, especially in MAHLE Original gaskets,” said Jon Douglas, general manager, MAHLE Aftermarket North America. “The MAHLE Original name represents a commitment to OE quality, and that’s what our customers expect.”

For more information about MAHLE Aftermarket and its brands, visit or contact your local sales representative.


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