ATF fluid ‘sizes up’ for increased demand

ATF fluid ‘sizes up’ for increased demand

Autotrans ELC, a premium quality multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid from Exol Lubricants, is now available in one litre packs for use in a wide range of passenger car applications.


Originally introduced for commercial vehicle automatic transmission applications, Autotrans ELC was developed to provide premium protection to ZF Ecolife gearboxes used in buses. Autotrans ELC is an ideal choice where the ZF TE-ML 20C specification is recommended for use over extended drain intervals and many other key specifications required by Allison, Voith and MAN.

Premium quality multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid Exol Lubricants Autotrans ELCFor passenger cars, Autotrans ELC provides outstanding performance for vehicles with ZF 8 speed (8HP series) and ZF 6 speed (6HP series) automatic transmissions.

In addition, it is an ideal choice in many passenger car applications that require a standard viscosity fluid and is suitable for use in many vehicles that were factory-filled with a low viscosity oil.

The product is formulated using the highest quality fully synthetic base stocks together with advanced additive technology to provide the maximum level of component durability over extended periods. It protects modern transmissions better than more traditional fluids while also offering premium performance in older vehicles.

With an extended fluid life, approval by ZF and Voith, exceptional oxidation resistance, proven anti-wear performance, improved anti-shudder characteristics, excellent sludge and varnish control, and also high levels of thermal stability, Autotrans ELC presents countless benefits to the passenger car market.

In addition to new 1L packs, Autotrans ELC is also available in 20, 25, 205 litre and IBC containers.


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