Breaking news from the AGV aftermarket

Breaking news from the AGV aftermarket

International marketing agency AGV is growing by opening its subdivision AGV Lab which will develop digital marketing and IT solutions for aftermarket. The first project AGV Lab is going to work on is Moe-STO platform.  

The innovative Moe-STO platform started on 10 October and has received a positive feedback and a great interest from premium automotive parts suppliers.

A 1st level candidate registration is still on and it gives an opportunity to get priority rights for a significant discount in participation on Moe-STO platform for the nearest four years.

Moe-STO platform“More than 35 candidates have joined to participate in the registration round in 14 brand categories. The most competitive categories are: brake discs and pads, belts and filters. We have received first confirmations from the automotive parts manufactures to become our partners and this fact makes us happier, of course, but we expect more. A 1st level candidate registration will be closed on 1 November 2016 but there is still chance to choose the brand category and enjoy the benefits for the nearest years,” says AGV Lab CEO, Nikita Synov.

Behind a simple idea of the project to develop a joint platform of independent garages there are more benefits for all aftermarket players: brand awareness, garages authorization, technical improvements, counterfeit control and all these factors together could be a great guarantee for the final consumer, a driver.

“The main goal of our product Moe-STO is premium brands promotion and keep the market share for long-term perspective. Thus, we recommend drivers the best and authorized garages and high quality spare parts. At the same time, we increase motivation to sell parts with the guarantee for final consumers.”

To take an advantage of the platform and be the headliner of the market for the nearest years, go to

An interview with founders of Moe-STO platform coming soon.

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