Conti “Watch and Work” Video Series provides practical tips

Conti “Watch and Work” Video Series provides practical tips

Easy to understand, repeatable at any time, and always based on the requirements of the technicians in the workshops. This was the brief for the “Watch and Work” video series in which ContiTech trainer Stefan Meyer reveals in just a few minutes how to correctly change belt drive components.

The five-minute videos are rounded off with special tips, which are intended to help people work in such a way that the belt and engine are not damaged.

In the videos, Stefan Meyer demonstrates precisely which tools have to be used how, and which actions simplify the job. The first film can be downloaded via ContiTech’s video portal and social media (YouTube, Facebook). In addition, the individual films are also linked to the relevant products in the Product Information Center (PIC). ContiTech says the information of relevance to the particular product can therefore quickly be found.

Other videos on engines commonly found in cars by Audi, Citroën, Ford, Opel, Renault, and VW will gradually also be available to download, initially in German and English.


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