IAA launch for Pneuscan

IAA launch for Pneuscan

This year’s IAA commercial vehicle show in Germany will serve as the launch venue for the new Pneuscan Onground system from Ventech Systems. The floor-mounted system can perform automatic tyre pressure and tread inspections on a range of vehicles, including passenger cars, vans, buses and multi-axle trucks. The portability of Pneuscan Onground is expected to be a major selling point for the system.

According to Ventech Systems, a tyre pressure and tread reading can be gained and displayed in a matter of seconds by driving over the unit at low speed. The resultant data can be paired with a particular vehicle within a fleet using Ventech’s Pneuscan DAT data management system and Pneuscan ID vehicle identification modules.

“We offer a flexible and, as always, efficient Pneuscan variant that customers can quickly install without excavation work and connect to their own network and power outlet,” shares Frank Stratmann, sales director at Ventech Systems. “The supporting plates are just 50 millimetres high and can cope with both vehicles with low ground clearance and trailers with heavy loads, and they offer the same measurement accuracy as embedded models.”

Technical director Andreas Pietsch opines that the solution delivers numerous advantages: The floor-mounted system can be located anywhere, irrespective of who owns the premises. This makes it well-suited for leased properties and idea for fleet operators’ rented sites.” In addition to its relocatability, Ventech states that Pneuscan Onground is also customisable to end-user requirements.


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