PSA invests in digital aftermarket platform

PSA invests in digital aftermarket platform

PSA/Peugeot-Citroen is acquiring a controlling stake in Autobutler, an online platform that gives car owners the ability to get an online quote for maintenance and repair.

The French car group said the move fits in its strategy to make its various business areas more attractive to customers.

Autobutler, it said, will help further develop existing businesses internationally, expand the customer base, attract new repair shops and improve expertise in digital aftermarket services.

“It will help us to shake up existing paradigms and adjust our business so that we can better meet the needs of our customers,” PSA’s chief financial officer, Jean-Baptiste de Chatillon, said in a press statement.

Autobutler, which was launched in Denmark in 2010, has built an online platform that is available to 300,000 customers in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the UK. Customers can enter their car model, location and the type of work they want done and receive offers and quotes from three garages nearby.

The service meets new needs from customers increasingly interested in interacting online with their service providers, PSA said.

Autobutler hopes the tie-up with one of the world’s biggest car groups will put it on a path to becoming “Europe’s number one platform for online workshop repairs.”


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