MOOG comes up with wishbone solution

MOOG comes up with wishbone solution

Steering and suspension specialist MOOG, has come up with a solution for a common issue found with Volkswagen wishbones for vehicle applications including the Lupo and Polo models. MOOG has redesigned the component to solve the issue and improve durability.

MOOG identified that the bushes were wearing prematurely due to excessive movement within the wishbone’s bush housing. To solve the problem, the vertical bush has a new design that features an enhanced rubber compound, significantly improving the lifetime of the parts. Additionally, larger welds are used to strengthen the joint of the bushes to the arm.

The models affected by these issues include: Volkswagen Lupo (6X1-6E1) 05/97>06/04. Volkswagen Polo (6N1-6NF) 09/94>12/99, and Polo (6N2) 10/99>10/01.

Moog ESB_Enhanced design


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