International conference on Turbochargers

International conference on Turbochargers

This international conference organized by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers is the next in the Institution’s successful series, held regularly since 1978, addressing current and novel aspects of turbocharging systems design, boosting solutions for engine downsizing and improvements in efficiency.


Attend this event and discover:

  • Downsizing, downspeeding and e-boosting concepts

  • Implications of future legislation (Euro 7 and Worldwide Light Vehicle Driving Test Cycle)

  • Engine emission, fuel consumption and CO2 reduction under real driving conditions

  • Cost-efficient developments

  • Single, two-stage, supercharged systems and exhaust gas recirculation

  • Improved fatigue life, bearing design and rotodynamics

  • Novel testing methods

  • Advanced simulation

  • Transient response and altitude performance interaction with hybrid and e-boosting systems

  • Applications of hybrid and exhaust waste energy recovery systems

  • Alternative powertrains and fuel cells turbo blower


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