Renewed Sp Matic Range

Renewed Sp Matic Range

As lubricant specialist Kroon-Oil keep a close eye on market developments and act on them. Thus Kroon-Oil assortment will always stay up-to-date.

Recent technical developments in additive systems make it possible to lubricate a wider range of automatic transmissions with fewer products. Therefore we were able to expand our assortment SP Products with three premium Multi ATF's: the 40-series.

Seven Special Products

Introducing these three new Multi ATF's enables us to lubricate more applications with less SP products. Reason for us to take a closer look at our SP Matic range and phase out products where needed, while maintaining full coverage.
The renewed SP Matic range consists of seven products: four Automatic Transmission Fluids and three Multi Automatic Transmission Fluids.

Automatic Transmission Fluids 

 SP Matic 2032    
 SP Matic 2034     
 SP Matic 2072     
 SP Matic 2094  

Multi Automatic Transmission Fluids

SP Matic 4016
SP Matic 4026 
SP Matic 4036 


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