Monroe Brake Pads, Hardware Now Ship in More Protective Packaging

Monroe Brake Pads, Hardware Now Ship in More Protective Packaging

Tenneco has introduced compartmental product packaging for its Monroe Brakes brake pads to help prevent shipping-related damage to the included pad installation hardware.

Ultra-premium Monroe Total Solution, premium Monroe ProSolution and Monroe Severe Solution brake pad sets are shipped complete with hardware kits for the vast majority of applications requiring this hardware. In addition to enhanced protection characteristics, the new packaging also clearly communicates the features and benefits of each pad set.

Monroe Total Solution brake pads feature ultra-premium ceramic and semi-metallic friction formulations, shim technologies, stainless steel noise reduction hardware, Sensory Locking backing plates, and wire wear sensors, where applicable, according to Tenneco. Each pad set also includes brake lubricant to help technicians save time while performing a complete repair.

Monroe ProSolution brake pads, which the company said provide premium technologies for exceptional performance at a lower price, feature premium ceramic and semi-metallic friction formulations that provide exceptional noise reduction, long pad life and superior stopping performance.

Engineered for severe-duty applications such as emergency and utility vehicles, delivery trucks and school buses, Monroe Severe Solution brake pads include ultra-premium friction materials formulated to provide exceptional high-temperature stability, stopping performance, fade resistance and longer service life, Tenneco added.


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