ThermoLite Solar Power Solution Powers Telematics

ThermoLite Solar Power Solution Powers Telematics

Thermo King’s ThermoLite solar panel solution was developed to provide an alternative power source to refrigerated and dry fleets and offsets battery drain from parasitic loads.

ThermoLite allows Thermo King’s TracKing and other telematics systems to monitor assets over long periods of time, even when the refrigeration unit is off. It makes use of charge controller technology that optimizes the charging from the solar array to the battery bank. The controller extends battery life and can increase fuel savings over the life of the asset.

With the charge controller, ThermoLite provides protection from electrical power surges, revers polarity, overcharging, and high-voltage jump starting. The solar panel solution is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions like high-velocity wind and rain, extreme hot and cold temperatures, hail, and corrosive exposure.

The ThermoLite solar power solution comes in three models. ThermoLite 26W supports both Thermo King and competitor transport refrigerated unit batteries, while ThermoLite 36W supports Thermo King’s Heat King, rail in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Both are currently available, and the ThermoLite 100-300W, which supports liftgate and pallet-jack charging will be available Nov. 9.


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