Cromax launches two new special effect mixing tints in Blue

Cromax launches two new special effect mixing tints in Blue

ChromaHybrid is the new umbrella product grouping from Cromax for its special effect tints for use with Cromax Basecoat. Two new tints have just been added to this range. These have been specifically developed to offer bodyshops the ability to meet the growing trend for special and exclusive OEM colours.

ChromaHybrid Turquoise Pearl WH1018 uses an unusual mica-based, blue-green interference pearl that offers a brilliant, metallic, visual effect. It is a high-chroma effect tint that will help refinishers obtain a pure greenish-blue colour with a transparent flop. It is for colour formulas to repair colours such as Ford Europe Kona Blue.

ChromaHybrid Very Fine Blue Pearl WH1019 offers refinishers the ability to create very pure blue shades or those that require very fine sparkle, such as Ford Europe Shadow Black. The mica flakes contained within this tint create a smooth appearance, providing excellent coverage and an unusual satin finish.

Jordine Bartlett, Marketing Coordinator for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland, says, “We’ve developed these new tints to make it as easy as possible for our refinishers to create these unusual OEM colours. Thanks to ChromaWeb, our comprehensive web-based colour retrieval and product management software package, the refinish formulas for these exclusive colours are already available. We aim to support our bodyshops with our products, but we also aim to support them in areas ‘outside the can’. One way to do that is by providing these important, yet infrequently used tints in smaller can sizes, so bodyshops don’t have to hold a large inventory of stock.”

Due to the limited consumption of these special tints, both are supplied in 250ml cans, which only need a gentle shake before use.


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