MEYLE TV features innovative BMW HD control arm kit

MEYLE TV features innovative BMW HD control arm kit

The latest in the “MEYLE Mechanics" series of videos featured on the “MEYLE TV” YouTube channel features control arm repairs on BMW 5, 6 and 7 Series models. It shows how MEYLE-HD kits help make repairs simple and time-effective and why initial wheel alignment measurement is no longer required.

The “MEYLE TV” YouTube channel features a range of instructional "MEYLE Mechanics" videos providing tips and tricks on how to increase repair-time efficiency and cost effectiveness. The latest video spotlights control arm assembly on BMW 5, 6 and 7 series models – an often cumbersome task, as identifying the correct control arm requires an initial wheel alignment measurement.

However, thanks to the variably adjustable ball joint, the MEYLE-HD control arm design is suitable for three different OE versions. In the video, the "MEYLE Mechanics" guide repair professionals through the installation procedure, from mounting the MEYLE-HD control arm (MEYLE no. 316 050 0044/HD) in zero position to setting it to positive or negative following axle alignment. The MEYLE design offers significant time saving potential during both installation and ordering, as one universally engineered part fits several different vehicle applications.

To extend control arm life beyond that of its OE counterpart the Hamburg company's team of in-house engineers has also refined some of its technical specifications: For example, the ball joint of the control arm features a highly resistant anti-corrosion coating and the socket is made from extremely abrasion-resistant plastic material.

The new control arm kit caters for BMW 5 (F10, F11) and BMW 6 (F12, F13) Series models and contains all parts required for repair including the mounting material, and is now available under the MEYLE no. 316 050 0080/HD.



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