Textar Brakebook App now includes barcode & pad scanner

Textar Brakebook App now includes barcode & pad scanner

TMD Friction has radically revised the design of its Textar Brakebook App which now includes a barcode scanner and a photo pad identification tool. The new format also includes easier navigation and an enhanced search function that now enables the user to switch easily between manufacturers and models.

Simply by scanning the barcode on the packaging of any Textar product, the app will display all of the relevant product information, including technical specifications, vehicle application and fitment details, OE references and product diagrams.

Another very innovative feature is the new brake pad scanning tool. This can overcome the common problem of identifying a brake pad just from its shape. Using the app, a technician can simply take a picture of the brake pad using the camera on the smartphone or tablet and upload it to the app to reveal the item’s part number and all of the relevant product information.

The app also retains the ability to search for product information by Textar part number or the OE reference.

The App updates autonomously to provide new product information, ensuring that the user can easily keep up to date. A special column tells users about any new products. This powerful real-time workshop tool is available free to download now for iPhone and Android devices.


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