Chevron and ATS Euromaster team up to offer Techron fuel system cleaning

Chevron and ATS Euromaster team up to offer Techron fuel system cleaning

Chevron Lubricants and ATS Euromaster have announced a partnership to offer Techron fuel system cleaning products to support fleet and private drivers across the UK.


Modern engines may suffer from build-up of deposits caused by variations in fuel quality, new types of fuel and even changes in motorists’ driving patterns. These deposits can have a detrimental effect not only on fuel consumption but also emission levels and overall vehicle performance.

The Techron range of fuel system cleaners works by dissolving deposits back into the fuel which allows them to be burnt in the combustion chamber and ejected harmlessly with the exhaust gases without causing harm to exhaust catalysts or diesel particulate filters.

“We are proud to be working with Techron, to provide customers with a new offering that perfectly complements ATS Euromaster’s existing service, maintenance and repair portfolio,” explains Peter Tye, group operations director – retail at ATS Euromaster. “Techron can help fleet managers run their vehicles more efficiently, and the ATS Euromaster website will help them find the nearest centre offering this impressive technology.”

James Welchman, European marketing manager, Chevron Lubricants added: “We believe that Techron is an important addition to the service schedule, for both private and business users, and we’ve worked hard to ensure that the benefits of using Techron are clear. Having the support of a leading brand such as ATS Euromaster for the distribution of Techron across the UK means we can reach more motorists than ever before, allowing them to see the advantages for themselves.”

Independent testing conducted on behalf of Chevron on a range of 22 vehicles commonly found on UK roads was completed by a leading independent emissions testing service.  The tests covered both petrol and diesel engines and were designed to establish the impact Techron has on vehicle power, emissions and fuel economy. The testing regime and results can be viewed at www.texaco-lubricants/techrontesting

In total, over 480 separate emissions test cycles were completed and nearly 11,000 miles covered. Under the independent test conditions, the petrol vehicles saw an average improvement in fuel economy of 8.7 per cent, while the diesel models improved by an average of 7.6 per cent. The test data also showed average improvements to vehicle power of 2.6 per cent in petrol vehicles and 3.4 per cent in diesel, as well as average reductions in CO2 emissions of 7.4 per cent and 6.5 per cent respectively.

Not available as an off-the-shelf product, Techron will be supplied to customers as an in-service product through the ATS Euromaster network.   A single Techron treatment is designed to work for between 6,000 and 8,000 miles, or every six months for average drivers.


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