Valeo Service UK launches ClimFilter Supreme

Valeo Service UK launches ClimFilter Supreme

Valeo Service UK has launched ClimFilter Supreme into the UK automotive aftermarket, a new range of polyphenol coated cabin filters which provides the most advanced and effective protection against allergens, harmful gases, odours, pollution, dust and particles for motorists and passengers.


The air inside the vehicle cabin can be up to five times more polluted than outside air and constant exposure to allergens may provoke strong allergies at any age. Nowadays more than 2.1 billion people in the world and up to 30 per cent of the European population suffers from inhalation allergy issues. These figures have doubled in the past ten years.

Valeo ClimFilter Supreme provides 95 efficiency against allergen, approved via tests performed in real conditions by the laboratory Airtest, under the scientific aegis of RNSA.

Based on the combined filter media, Valeo ClimFilter Supreme is covered with an additional polyphenol coating that improves protection by capturing most allergens and neutralising them.

Polyphenols are the natural compounds known for their antioxidant properties – using polyphenols in the Valeo ClimFilter Supreme is a technical breakthrough.

Awarded “Innovative Development of the Year” at the Moscow International Motor Show in 2013, the new ClimFilter Supreme is a Valeo patented innovation and complements the existing ClimFilter range made of ClimFilter Comfort (particle technology) and ClimFilter Protect (active carbon technology).

Valeo Cabin Air Filter range consists of 29 references of ClimFilter Supreme while the ClimFilter range reaches 500 references covering 98 per cent of the European vehicle parc.

The ClimFilter range is listed on TecDoc and also in a new catalogue, which includes a practical fitting time indicator for technicians.


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