Enjoy Tyre introducing Routeway consumer range to European markets

Enjoy Tyre introducing Routeway consumer range to European markets

Contract tyre producer and manufacturer of the Rotalla brand, Enjoy Tyre, is bringing extending the Routeway tyre range it offers in the UK and Europe beyond the TBR range already available here.

The new first lines destined for our shores include seven passenger car patterns, including UHP, SUV, winter and van/light commercial tyres, and Enjoy Tyre says these are now available for new orders.

The EcoBlue RY22, RY26 and RY26+ PCR patterns offer a choice of 47 sizes in 80/65/60/55/50 series in T, H and V ratings from 13 up to 16 inches.

The Velocity RY33 UHP is available in 36 sizes in 55/50/45/40/35 series in W and Y ratings from 16 up to 20 inches, whilst the Suretrek RY86 XL UHP is available in 18 sizes in 55/50/45/40/35/30 series in V, W and Y ratings from 20 up to 26 inches. The Suretrek RY88 SUV H/T presents 20 sizes in 85/80/75/70/65//55 series in T, H and V ratings in 16 up to 18 inches.

For the winter tyre sector, the Polargrip RY66 passenger car and light commercial vehicle Studless range is available in 22 sizes in 70/65/60/55/45/40 series in T, H and V ratings in 13 up to 18 inches. The Polargrip RY67 car, van, light commercial and SUV Studdable pattern is available in 16 size options from 13 up to 17 inches. Finally, for the van/light commercial sector the RY55 pattern is available in 13 sizes in 80/70/65//60 series in 14 up to 16 inches.

In the second release phase, the EcoBlue range will be further extended by an additional 20 sizes and the Velocity UHP range by five more sizes. The Roadtrek Van/LTR range will also be increased by a further seven sizes and the Suretrek SUV A/T by an additional nineteen sizes.

“In 2014 we saw the successful introduction of an extensive selection of truck tyres in our Routeway brand, consisting of eight specially designed patterns for steer, drive and trailer applications including the RW201, RW202 and RW203 Steer, RW101, RW103 and RW105 Drive and RW205 and RW603 trailer patterns,” commented Rob Henderson, Enjoy Tyre’s general manager for the UK and Europe. “However, the exciting addition of our new PCR/UHP range will lead to Routeway becoming firmly established as a high quality tyre brand providing a really competitive option in the market. We are currently looking to appoint distributors in all markets.”

The new Routeway PCR/UHP and current TBR ranges will be showcased at the forthcoming Autopromotec Show in Bologna.


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