VDO TIS-Web now receives tire data in real time

VDO TIS-Web now receives tire data in real time

TIS-Web, the fleet management software offered by automotive supplier Continental, is now able to display and analyze tire data. Fleet managers can obtain information on tire position, pressure and temperature, allowing them to take quick action when they see signs of incipient damage or low pressure, which can cause increased fuel consumption.


VDO has put together a TPMS starter kit for TIS-Web customers so that they can quickly and easily implement the new function in their fleets. The kit includes a Bluetooth dongle for mobile data transmission, the necessary cable links to the ContiPressureCheck (CPC) system and a QR code for downloading the TIS-Web Fleet app. The CPC system consists of tire sensors that are mounted on the inside of truck tires. The sensors transmit their data via the CPU interface to a display in the driver’s cab – and now, thanks to TIS-Web, directly to the fleet manager’s monitor. Using TIS-Web Fleet, managers can even monitor the status of the fleet when they’re away from the office. “The purpose of TIS-Web is to make the total cost of ownership for each vehicle transparent so that optimization is possible,” says Dr. Lutz Scholten, Head of Segment Tachographs, Telematics and Services at Continental. “Integration of tire data into TIS-Web is another step in this direction.”

Tire pressure monitoring with greater flexibility

The new function arose through cooperation between Continental’s VDO brand and the Commercial Vehicle Tires department. The company incorporated it into TIS-Web by combining its capabilities as a premium tire manufacturer, automotive supplier and IT service provider. By means of such cross-divisional cooperation it intends to offer additional services that use tire pressure monitoring sensors for commercial vehicles.

TIS-Web: A full range of services from VDO


TIS-Web is a comprehensive digital fleet management software package that is already being used by thousands of companies throughout Europe to increase fleet efficiency. Besides allowing companies to comply with statutory archiving obligations, it evaluates vehicle data in order to optimize logistics and vehicle operations. For drivers it makes everyday work much easier. The software provides fleet managers with a wealth of information for dispatching and employee management. It can show current availabilities of drivers, details on driving and rest periods and information on an individual’s driving style. The Web-based program helps fleet managers observe the law, manage vehicles efficiently, deploy drivers in the best possible way and improve logistics processes. Another important advantage is that they do not have to invest in expensive IT infrastructure. To take full advantage of TIS-Web and its broad range of capabilities, all they need is a commercially available computer with Internet access.


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