Comma says “get involved and take the ‘Top Technician’ challenge!”

Comma says “get involved and take the ‘Top Technician’ challenge!”

Comma has announced its sponsorship of 'Top Technician 2015', the nationwide competition to find the UK passenger vehicle servicing industry's most outstanding professional practitioner.


'Top Technician' not only sets the benchmark for individual excellence, it also provides a spur to drive the pace of vocational training, education and personal improvement for all workshop technicians.

The competition - which is open to technicians from all sectors of the industry with a minimum three years of experience - is comprised of two online tests to narrow the field down to 10 highest scoring semi-finalists, who then undergo a series of hands-on tests. On April 24th, the five finalists will go forward at the Fiat University in Slough to face an intensive, practical scrutiny against the clock of their mechanical and diagnostic knowledge and fault-fixing skills. All the tests and assessments are devised by the competition's technical partner, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and an expert panel of judges.

"As vehicles become more complex and vehicle manufacturers' servicing requirements more demanding, this is an area where suppliers have a vitally important role to play," says Comma Spokesperson, Mike Bewsey. "For our part, Comma is dedicated to providing technicians with practical training and information in our core product areas of engine lubricants and coolants. We make this a reality through the 'Comma Training Academy' and 'Tech Talk' bulletins which we present online throughout the year. With 'Top Technician' being so perfectly aligned with our mission to promote excellence through training and personal improvement, we encourage all technicians to get involved and take up the 'Top Technician 2015' challenge.


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