NGK issues 2015 sensors catalogue

NGK issues 2015 sensors catalogue

NGK Spark Plugs has released its 2015 NTK sensors catalogue which features its new exhaust gas temperature sensors (EGTS) range.

EGTS are thermistor devices that monitor the exhaust gas temperatures to enable the efficient operation and protection of vital components, including turbo chargers, located directly in the flow of hot gases.  NTK EGTS are original equipment in approximately 35% of global passenger car sensor applications. The company says they are a popular choice for vehicle manufacturers as they provide extreme resilience against heat and vibrations, have high measuring accuracy, fast light-off times and an exceptionally wide measuring range.

The 224-page 2015 NTK sensors catalogue can be downloaded from the NGK website at and features 20 EGT sensors covering 343 application lines. In addition to this the catalogue  includes 49 new to range oxygen sensors and 276 new application lines, plus full application details on NTK oxygen sensors for motorcycles and NTK NOx sensor applications.

Marko Wowczyna, Automotive Director at NGK said, “With the launch of the NTK EGTS range, we have provided the automotive aftermarket with yet another part of our specialist know-how from original equipment. Distributors and workshops can now obtain full details of the EGTS range alongside our full sensors range in the new 2015 NTK catalogue.”



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