Recovery Charger Handles 6 Batteries At Once

Recovery Charger Handles 6 Batteries At Once

PulseTech introduced the SC-6, a heavy duty recovery charger that recovers, charges, and desulfates up to six 12-volt lead-acid batteries at a time.


The charger is designed to be compact and portable and works with any 12-volt battery type including VRLA, AGM, gel and flooded cell. The SC-6 has six charging stations capable of operating in isolation which allows any combination of different battery brands or types to be recharged simultaneously.

The SC-6 can recover spent batteries and return them to working order, according to PulseTech. It is able to profile the condition of a battery and automatically cycle through a recovery and charge process while applying the correct charge to each.

It also uses PulseTech’s patented high-frequency Pulse Technology waveform which removes sulfate crystals from battery plates. This increases the battery’s ability to accept store and release energy. The process can extend battery life by up to five times, according to PulseTech.

The SC-6 has LED indicators for each of the six stations which give the status of each battery channel. This allows a user to understand information about the recovery process including indications for a disconnected battery, bad battery, recover charge, pulse charge and charge complete.

Operating the recovery charger is simple and the SC-6 has only one switch to turn it on. The unit will take care of all other settings automatically preventing accidental overcharging or overheating of batteries. It comes with flexible, replaceable cables which fit in the SC-6’s case for storage. PulseTech says they are easy to disconnect and safe to handle since no current flows through the cable until connected to a battery.


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