UltraShift Plus Transmissions Now Allow for 2-Speed Axle Compatibility

UltraShift Plus Transmissions Now Allow for 2-Speed Axle Compatibility

Eaton recently increased the functionality of its UltraShift Plus automated transmissions to allow for compatibility with two-speed axles.

The new compatibility boasts a cost-saving alternative to torque converter automatic transmissions and is aimed at vocational customers, including dump and heavy haul fleets.

The new features include enhanced gear reduction capabilities to maximize on/off road capabilities. In addition, the option allows for the elimination of gear boxes that are typically installed behind an automatic design, resulting in lower overall vehicle cost, improved performance and less driveline complexity, according to Eaton. All makes and models of UltraShift Plus may now be specified with the two-speed axle software, with production beginning this January. 

Other benefits include:

  • A Hill Start Aid feature to prevent rolling while on steep grades and allowing for smoother vehicle launches.

  • Automatic, manual, and low mode selections that offer drivers better control.

  • A Creep feature for significantly improved maneuverability with continuous low-speed control.

  • Six- and eight-bolt, as well as thru-shaft, power take off options.

  • An oil sight glass to easily check fluid levels.


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