New vehicle tank concept raises safety standards

New vehicle tank concept raises safety standards

Double-walled safety tank offers an alternative to models made of aluminum and plastic.


For the commercial vehicle industry, ContiTech is now developing a new design for safety tanks. Considerably more robust than conventional tanks made of aluminum or plastic, it offers a safer alternative for fuel tanks.

During development, ContiTech focused on the high standards used for similar technologies in racing and aerospace. "The result is a new material design that, as far as we know, is unique in the commercial vehicle industry," says Horst Gatzweiler, ContiTech's head of tank construction. The core is a multi-layer internal tank that receives the liquid medium and is surrounded by an outer shell made of composite material. This combination of materials protects the liquid contents against strong forces. Initial tests, performed by fka Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen mbH in Aachen, have confirmed the tank design's improved crashworthiness.

ContiTech Elastomer Coatings has many years of experience with flexible transport containers. The containers are used in airplane construction, helicopters, racing and boats, among other applications.

Why safety tanks for commercial vehicles are so important show these facts about the freight transport in Germany.


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