Krone Ice Protect

Krone Ice Protect

Preventive protection against snow and ice on the trailer roof. 


Frosty temperatures are already on the way at the beginning of November and the first snow fell unexpectedly. Now the fleet has to be prepared for the cold season as snow and sheets of ice flying from the trailer roof are a hazard for all participants in road traffic. This hazard can be counteracted preventively using the Krone Ice Protect System.

The ingenious Krone Ice Protect System can be operated quickly and easily from a control panel mounted on the front wall of the trailer. Using an air hose, the curtain roof is raised by about 17.5 cm at the press of a button, preventing the accumulation of water and snow. As a result, the formation of ice is prevented. Before setting off, the hose is lowered by pressing the button or when activating the brake, thus allowing the curtain roof to return to its original state.

"Ice sheets flying off the roof of an HGV during the winter time are not only dangerous, but they are also a huge problem for freight carriers every day. Only a few service stations provide aids that the driver can use to remove the ice build up before departing. The Krone Ice Protect System prevents the formation of snow and ice on the roof thereby improving safety for the fleet and other road users,” said Dr Frank Albers, National Sales Manager at Krone.

Krone Ice Protect System Krone Ice Protect System


The Krone Ice Protect System is available for all Krone curtain semitrailers and can also be retrofitted. It complies with the safety guidelines for road traffic (StVZO - in particular, §23 paragraph 1) and is certified by the TüV. Several insurance companies also offer a reduction in insurance premiums for trailers equipped with the Ice Protect System.


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