SKF Offers Extended Warranty on Wheel End Products

SKF Offers Extended Warranty on Wheel End Products

SKF launched new premium wheel end system extended warranty packages with the SKF Trouble-Free Operation program for trailer OEM and retro fit markets.


Trailer OEMs and fleets can choose extended warranty options for up to seven years based on the components of the package. SKF evaluated and ensured compatibility of its components with the Meritor Tire Inflation system by PSI.

SKF felt it was critical to ensure that the TFO platform works with Meritor’s tire inflation system given the increased utilization of the system by U.S. truck manufacturers.

“The industry has been demanding wheel end products that work together and complement each other, especially when it comes to warranties,” said Scott Simmonds, VP of heavy duty sales at SKF. “Fleets want to know that they can use the best products without having to worry about conflicting warranties later on.”

The SKF Trouble-Free Operation extended warranty package does not require customers to purchase pre-assembled kits and they can continue to purchase and install product as they do today.  The extended warranty package also typically includes the SKF Scotseal Plus XL wheel seal, SKF premium tapered bearing and SKF TF hubcap and the wheel end system components can be used with industry spindle nut designs and lubricants.

SKF says that using the wheel end system package on all trailer applications can reduce sourcing for customers.  


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