Remanufactured parts from Borg

Remanufactured parts from Borg

Elstock, part of Borg Automotive, remanufactures brake calipers for 95% of the European car parc and can also provide more exotic items that can prove hard to source.

The parts are remanufactured at its plant in Poland where it stores one of the largest core collections. The firm also produces reman starters & alternators, aircon compressors, steering racks and power steering pumps, electronic steering columns, calipers and EGR valves. Units are stripped, every part is thoroughly cleaned and sandblasted. The parts are then scrutinised to see if they can be remanufactured or need replacing. The rubber parts are always replaced with OE or equivalent items. The parts are then individually remanufactured then subjected to testing before being assembled back into a complete unit which is tested further. Each unit comes with an unlimited mileage two-year warranty and matching OE guarantee. The company can provide brake calipers painted back to the original colouring.


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