The Champion Oil range, distributed in Ireland by Serfac, features many premium quality lubricants that are either fully approved by vehicle manufacturers or are produced in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant specification. It means that garages can selected the right Champion Oil for a job with complete peace of mind, but selecting the right oil also has several other vital implications.
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  • 07.11.2016
3M continues to make the plastic repair process quicker and easier for bodyshop with the upgrading of its Plastic Repair Kit which includes the addition of a new 3M Superfast Black Adhesive. The technology giant has also introduced a new Plastic Repair Solutions booklet which contains full details of the 3M Plastics repair range as well as information on how to achieve the perfect finish.
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  • 04.11.2016
Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany has released a statement regarding the planned closure of its tyre factory in Philippsburg, northwest of Stuttgart. The closure will occur as part of the tyre maker’s efforts to reduce overcapacity for low-margin products. A timetable for winding-down production in Philippsburg has not yet been made public, and the plant’s closure will follow negotiations with employee unions. Some 890 jobs are expected to be lost.
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  • 28.10.2016
Stemco says its new TrailerTail Covered rear trailer fairing will be deployed more than current designs simply because drivers must open the panels to get at doors’ locking handles to close trailer doors. When used more often, the device will increase fuel efficiency and return on investment for fleets.
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  • 26.10.2016


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