Eaton demonstrated a range of waste heat recovery (WHR) technologies for heavy-duty diesel engines at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover, Germany, as well as variable valve timing systems, highlighting their potential to reduce fuel consumption and help reduce emissions.
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  • 12.10.2016
Valeo has announced the eight teams that will be moving on to the final round of the third Valeo Innovation Challenge. Selected by 70 international experts, the finalists will go to Paris to present their projects to the Innovation Challenge jury in a bid to win first prize on October 14th.
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  • 30.09.2016
Months after a fatal accident that occurred while the driver had Tesla Motors' Autopilot technology enabled, CEO Elon Musk says the company will release an upgraded version of the semi-autonomous feature. Within the next two weeks, customers who own Model S or Model X vehicles manufactured over the past two years will receive an over-the-air update of their vehicle software to install a more robust version of Autopilot, one that Musk said will deliver improvements in safety that could reduce crashes by more than 50 percent from their current rates.
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  • 27.09.2016
Upon its launch in European markets three years ago, Continental’s new tyre pressure monitoring system was only available as a retrofit option. The availability of ContiPressureCheck has now been extended to tyres shipped straight from the factory with sensors already installed. Continental is using the name ‘iTire’ to distinguish these products from standard tyres.
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  • 23.09.2016


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