The MBtech Group contributes to a hybrid development project at Daimler AG. The task of the engineering and consulting company is to integrate combustion engines, transmissions and high-voltage technology together with energy storage into efficient hybrid vehicles, and also to support and validate new developments.
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  • 30.09.2015
ZF TRW, the Active and Passive Safety Technology Division of ZF AG, has further enhanced the capabilities of its Electronic Stability Control system. In addition to its wide range of advanced braking functionality, the technology can act as a so called ‘black-box’ integration hub – hosting software algorithms to control automated driving, safety, chassis and drivetrain functions.
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  • 25.09.2015
The perfect parking space is situated close to where a driver wants to go, offers enough space for their car – and is unoccupied. To find that parking space, however, can be extremely frustrating – especially in urban areas. In Germany, the average search for a suitable free parking space takes ten minutes.
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  • 24.09.2015


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