Rusty Bearing Hum

Rusty Bearing Hum

Some 2009-2013 Mazda6 vehicles may exhibit an unusual humming noise from the front wheel bearings. This may be caused by muddy water entering the wheel bearing(s), causing the bearing(s) to rust. A new bearing seal design has been improved to eliminate this concern.

  1. Mazda 6 front wheel bearings
    Be sure to replace the retaining clip (A), dust cover (B), locknut (C) and wheel bearing (D).
    Verify the concern.
  2. Raise the vehicle on a lift.
  3. Turn the front wheels by hand to identify the side(s) with the issue.
  4. Perform a wheel bearing excessive play inspection according to the MS3 online instructions or workshop manual section 03-11.
  5. Replace the affected wheel bearing(s) per MS3 online or workshop manual section 03-11.
  6. Be sure to replace the retaining clip, dust cover and locknut with new components during the wheel bearing replacement.

Part number                   Item

GS3L-33-047A………….Wheel bearing (2.5L)

GS4H-33-047A………….Wheel bearing (3.7L)

GE4T-33-048……………Retaining clip (2.5L)

D651-33-042A…………..Locknut (2.5L)

GS4H-33-048……………Retaining clip (3.7L)

GAM6-33-042…………...Locknut (3.7L)

GS3L-33-271…………….Left dust cover (2.5/3.7L)

GS3L-33-261…………….Right dust cover (2.5/3.7L)

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