suspension/steering (40)

Some 2007-2012 Toyota Yaris vehicles may exhibit a noise from the front of the chassis that is heard under acceleration/deceleration, when braking or when driving over an uneven road surface.
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  • 30.07.2014
Some owners of 2005-2008 VW Jetta A5, 2006-2008 Rabbit, GTI, Passat and Passat Wagon and 2007-2008 Eos may complain about a rear suspension noise.
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  • 08.05.2014
Some 2011-2013 Ford Explorer vehicles may exhibit a noise from the front wheel area when accelerating from a stop or when shifting between drive and reverse.
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  • 24.04.2014
This TSB applies to 2004-2009 Audi A8, 2006-2009 A6 Avant and 2007-2009 Q7 vehicles equipped with Audi’s air suspension. DTC 01577 (compressor switch off due to excessive temperature/sporadic) may be stored in the air suspension control module.
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  • 25.02.2014
  Wheel vibrations may occur if the wheel is not installed in the exact center position on the wheel hub. To avoid radial misalignment between the wheel and hub, they must have the same diameters.
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  • 12.02.2014
Some 2011-2012 Lexus LS 460 AWD vehicles may exhibit a front suspension noise described as a “spring pop” while driving slowly and turning to the left or right full-lock position.
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  • 15.10.2013
This TSB applies to 2004-2012 Nissan Armada and 2004-2012 Titan models.If the high pressure power steering hose needs to be replaced for any reason, the new hose comes without the pressure sensor.
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  • 24.08.2013


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