Hella Gutmann Solutions offers Tyre Pressure Monitoring Tool

Hella Gutmann Solutions offers Tyre Pressure Monitoring Tool

Hella Gutmann Solutions, a diagnostic specialist at the forefront of the camera and radar calibration market, also offers a TPMS tool in its range called the TPM Tool. In addition to resetting the vehicle’s warning indicator, it can diagnose any faulty sensor and reprogram replacement sensors if needed.

Hella Gutmann Solutions TPMS toolNeil Hilton, head of business development at Hella Gutmann Solutions, commented on the advantages of purchasing this high quality TPMS tool: “Many garages are buying cheaper TPMS tools, without really understanding their limitations. As more garages are faced with TPMS issues, those with the basic tools will undoubtedly see the benefit of buying a more capable device like the HGS TPM Tool.

“Most of the tools on the market will enable sensors to be programmed and the vehicle re-learning procedure to be carried out, but few offer diagnostic capabilities via a 16 pin OBD connector to reset TPMS warning indicators, adjust parameters and detect faults with the system, which may require a trip to the main dealer to have the warning light turned off. This is where our tool has a clear advantage over others and is something that can easily benefit garages by maintaining business instead of losing out to a dealer.”

Hella Gutmann Solutions’ TPM Tool is compatible with a wide range of vehicle models, TPMS technologies and the company’s own mega macs diagnostic tools, as well as being wireless.

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