Mirka DEROS now with vibration sensor

Mirka DEROS now with vibration sensor

The award winning Mirka DEROS electric sander has been redesigned with new smart features, including an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth connectivity.

Mirka DEROS electric sanderThe connectivity means the sander can communicate with the free myMirka app on a mobile device. This allows users to monitor vibrations levels in real time. By keeping track of vibration levels, bodyshops can make informed decisions about operator health issues.

Long-term exposure to vibrating hand-held machinery can be damaging, with health issues such as vibration white finger (hand-arm vibration syndrome) affecting thousands of industrial workers. Mirka has consistently worked to combat these problems with the Mirka DEROS having very low vibration levels when compared to other sanders on the market.

With this new smart feature for measuring vibrations, it is easier than ever to avoid the kind of long-term exposure that may be harmful. myMirka gives users real values in real time and a simple way to keep track of daily exposure levels.

Last modified onMonday, 31 October 2016 09:12

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