HELLA Gutmann Beamsetter special

HELLA Gutmann Beamsetter special

HELLA Ireland has introduced a special promotion on its HELLA Gutmann Solutions.

The HELLA GUTMANN Services Beamsetter device combines the comprehensive knowledge of experts in diagnostic work and light systems.  With headlight aiming devices of the SEG Series HELLA GUTMANN Solutions provides powerful and professional aiming devices of the latest generation.

Depending on the SEG equipment version, users can check and adjust the latest headlight systems of various manufacturers with various equipment versions of the SEG are offered to meet the needs of different shops.

SEG Series HELLA GUTMANN Solutions provide an effective way to ensure headlights are safely adjusted and can pass the NCT. Until November 30th the Beamsetter SEG IV-DLLX is available on special offer from HELLA Ireland. Anyone purchasing the equipment will receive a free HELLA Gutmann Solutions LED Garage Lamp.

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