MANN-FILTER issues new advice for VW fuel filter applications

MANN-FILTER issues new advice for VW fuel filter applications

On some Volkswagen 2.0 TDi applications, the original equipment fuel filter housings are sourced from two different suppliers.

The water drain device is clearly visible adjacent to the inlet and outlet pipes at the top of the housing.

The OE housing supplied by MANN+HUMMEL is delivered complete with the fuel filter element MANN-FILTER PU 8006, which was also initially available as the MANN-FILTER aftermarket part.

In order to deliver a MANN-FILTER product suitable for installation into both of the fuel filter housings sourced by Volkswagen, MANN-FILTER PU 8021 now replaces PU 8006 as the recommended aftermarket part.

Although PU 8021 differs dimensionally from PU 8006 and the alternative supplier’s OE and aftermarket filter elements, all OE filtration performance requirements are met.

A fuel filter housing featuring a water drain device may also be installed on some Volkswagen 2.0 TDi models.

This housing type takes a different filter element – MANN-FILTER PU 8014.

Therefore it is necessary to differentiate between fuel filter housing types to ensure the correct filter element is supplied and subsequently fitted.

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