Trans plug change

Trans plug change

This TSB applies to 2008 and later Subaru Legacy and Impreza models equipped with the 6-speed manual transmission.

The style and size of the 6-speed oil drain plug has changed from a male M16 hex head to a female hex (allen) M18. The torque specification has also changed.

The new style oil pan and drain plug was used in production starting in November 2007 with VIN 83215575 for Legacy and 8L813536 for Impreza models.

PART                 OLD P/N                    NEW P/N

Pan assembly…..31225AA001…………..31225AA010

Gasket  ……….…803916080 ……………803918060


New torque value for the M18 plug…..11.2 gt-lb (50 Nm)



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