Funky Toyota 4WD

Funky Toyota 4WD

Some 2003-2012 Toyota 4Runner, 2007-2012 FJ Cruiser and 2005-2012 Tacoma vehicles equipped with part-time 4WD may exhibit a flashing 4WD indicator light and inoperative 4WD system.


1. Confirm that the 4WD system is inoperative and that the 4WD light is flashing.

2. Remove the A.D.D. (automatic disconnecting differential) actuator assembly.

3. Perform A.D.D. actuator movement and resistance inspection per the repair manual. If the A.D.D. actuator movement and resistance inspections are correct per the repair manual, this bulletin does not apply. Continue with diagnosis per the repair manual. If the inspections verify incorrect movement and resistance, go to Step 4.

4. Replace the A.D.D. actuator.

NOTE: The new/current actuator assembly P/N is 41400-35032 (this replaces the previous P/Ns 41400-35030 and 41400-35031).


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