engine/transmission (111)

This TSB applies to 2011 BMW E90 vehicles equipped with the M57Y diesel engine. The Service Engine Soon lamp may be illuminated, with code FC 4D35 (reducing agent metering valve plausibility) stored in the DDE 7.3.
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  • 15.04.2014
Some owners of 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT 4 (2.4L turbo engine built prior to March 4, 2008) vehicles may experience intermittent MIL illumination. A limp-in condition and/or lack of turbo boost after the MIL may be experienced.
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  • 03.04.2014
Cracking or creaking noise from the clutch pedal/master cylinder area may be noticed when operating the clutch pedal on 2011 Audi A4, A5, S4 and S5 vehicles.
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  • 01.04.2014
For the professional installation of a glow plug, the use of a torque wrench is recommended. Even for professionals the estimation of the tightening torque is nearly impossible.
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  • 28.02.2014
Owners of 2004-2009 Audi A4/S4, 2005-2010 A6 and 2007-2010 A8 vehicles may report vibrations, humming noises or rubbing noises from the drivetrain when driving slowly around very tight turns.
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  • 27.02.2014
This TSB applies to 2008 and later Subaru Legacy and Impreza models equipped with the 6-speed manual transmission.
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  • 31.01.2014
This TSB involves diagnosing P0851 (neutral switch input circuit low) and P0852 (neutral switch input circuit high) on 2005-2008 Subaru Outback, Impreza and Forester vehicles equipped with the 4EAT.
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  • 25.01.2014
Some Mazda vehicles may experience a MIL that comes on with DTC P2004 (variable tumble shutter valve stuck open). The cause may be the check valve in the intake manifold vacuum chamber being stuck open. The check valve has now been updated.
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  • 23.01.2014
This TSB applies to all 2005 and later Subaru Outback non-turbo PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions) models. Customers may comment about an idle fluctuation (hunting) during cold starts, which generally last about 20 to 30 seconds.
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  • 22.01.2014


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