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A rattling noise from the exhaust tail pipe may be noted on 2012 BMW models equipped with the N54, N54T or N55 engine. The noise can last up to 60 seconds. The cause is insufficient vacuum to hold the exhaust flap shut. Note: There will be an audible one-time click from the exhaust flap when it opens or closes, which is a normal function.
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  • 28.07.2014
Some 2011-2012 Hyundai Elantra vehicles (equipped with automatic transmission) may experience a rattle noise from the front of the vehicle with the brake applied, in reverse gear, after a cold start.
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  • 11.07.2014
This TSB provides information regarding transmission and/or Park-Neutral position switch installation on various Lexus vehicles, including 2006 GS300, 2007-2011 GS350, 2006-2007 GS430, 2010-2012 GX460, 2003-2009 GX470, 2006-2012 IS250/IS350, 2010-2012 IS250C/IS350C, 2004-2006 LS430, 2003-2007 LX470, 2008-2012 LX570 and 2006-2010 SC430 vehicles, all equipped with automatic transmission.
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  • 02.07.2014
Some 2006-2007 Ford Focus vehicles produced after 12-4-2005 and equipped with a manual transmission may exhibit a slave cylinder leak which may prevent shifting the transmission into gear.
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  • 01.07.2014
Some 2010 Toyota Corolla, Matrix and Yaris vehicles equipped with the U34#E automatic transaxle may exhibit a MIL-on condition with DTC P0713 (transaxle fluid temperature sensor S high input) stored in the engine control module.
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  • 10.06.2014
When removing the engine oil filter from a 2002-2007 Suzuki Aerio, it is possible to contaminate the O2 sensor, causing DTCs P0137 (O2 sensor circuit low voltage/high voltage, sensor 2, Bank 1) (EVAP leak check model) and/or P0420 (catalyst system efficiency below threshold Bank 1).
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  • 04.06.2014
An oil leak at the rear of a 2010 Range Rover or Range Rover Sport may be evident. The leak may be caused by engine block porosity at the high pressure oil gallery.
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  • 29.05.2014
Certain Toyota engines are equipped with a plastic oil filter cap assembly which can be damaged if the proper procedure is not followed.
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  • 22.05.2014
Some 2007-2008 Nissan 350Z, 2009 350Z roadster and 2009 370Z coupes vehicle may exhibit a tapping noise coming from the dash area when the engine is running at operating temperature.
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  • 23.04.2014


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