engine/transmission (111)

Melett has issued some very useful advice on the growing issue of turbocharger failure, especially in relation to the identification of common failures in warranty situations and to provide advice on how to prevent future failures occurring.
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  • 02.06.2016
This bulletin applies to 2007 BMW 335i models, equipped with the N54 engine and produced from 6-1-2006 through 9-15-2006. The complaint may involve a slight bucking under acceleration or when pulling away after a cold start.
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  • 30.05.2016
This bulletin applies to 2007-2010 Jeep Nitro and Wrangler models. The manual transmission may intermittently pop out of gear when accelerating.
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  • 12.05.2016
This bulletin applies to 2008 Audi Cabriolet A4, S4 and RS4 models. The engine may return to idle speed of approximately 1,400 rpm even with the accelerator depressed. In addition, the engine hesitates and lacks take-off power.
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  • 28.04.2016
This bulletin applies to a number of Infiniti vehicles, including 2008-2009 G37 Coupe, 2009 FX35/FX50, 2008-2009 M35/M45 and 2007-2009 G35 Sedan.
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  • 30.03.2016
This bulletin applies to 2012 Audi A6 Sedan models. The customer may report that the ignition key cannot be removed despite selecting mode “P.”
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  • 25.03.2016
This bulletin applies to Volkswagen vehicles equipped with a TDI diesel engine, such as the 2012 Eos. Under certain conditions, you may heart the glow plug relay J52 clicking on and off after the engine is started.
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  • 16.03.2016
Clutches are the workhorse of the modern car. Located between the engine and transmission, the clutch is under ever increasing strain caused by more power and higher torques and weight. The ongoing trend, in particular, toward high-torque diesel vehicles, is placing more and more demands on clutches.
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  • 19.02.2016


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