The customer did it

The customer did it

This bulletin applies to 2011 BMW 5-series vehicles, equipped with a USB port.

Connecting an external device such as a cell phone, MP3 player, etc., to the USB port in the center console with an aftermarket cable can cause several problems, such as:

  • MOST-bus is inoperative

  • No audio sound at all, including radio, CD/DVD, phone, PDC, warning gong

  • The telephone/BMW Assist is inoperative

  • Vehicle battery is discharged

  • High current draw caused by the non-approved USB cable

  • Increased battery discharge at standstill

  • PDC failed. No acoustic warning available for Park Distance Control PDC

NOTE: Apple devices are not affected when using the correct and approved USB adapter cable (either original white Apple USB adapter cable or the Y-cable available through BMW, depending on the model and production period of the vehicle.

The aftermarket USB cable may not conform to the requirements of BMW specifications.

Do not replace parts and do not attempt a repair. Inform the customer that the aftermarket USB cable is causing the behavior. NOTE: USB hard disc drives, USB hubs and/or card readers with several inputs cannot be connected to the vehicle’s USB port.

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