TÜV Süd: Semi-slick tyres have “no place” on public roads

Semi-slick tyres are unsuitable for road use, state the team behind a comparative test published by Swiss magazine Auto Illustrierte. An evaluation between standard, ultra-high performance and semi-slick tyres conducted at the Goodyear proving ground in Mireval, France showed the racing tyres take much longer to stop on wet road surfaces than their more conventional counterparts. Specialists from TÜV Süd supported the Auto Illustrierte testing and evaluated the results as a neutral partner.
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European legislation on TPMS imminent

It's the most topical and important issue currently under consideration within the automotive industry: TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System).  New EU legislation will require all new-type passenger vehicles to have TPMS installed as of 1st November, and Tech Europe has developed a complete TPMS programme to satisfy all demands.
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