BMW power window glitch

BMW power window glitch

This TSB applies to E46 (3 Series), E60/E61 ( 5 Series), E63/E64 (6 Series) and E53 (X5) BMW models. After replacing the Body Module (KGM or GM, depending on model), and updating the vehicle software, the one-touch power window feature is inoperable.


The spare part body module used on these vehicles is different from what was originally installed. The spare part is a low version of the body module. All functions of the module remain unchanged, but the one-touch feature has a default setting of inactive.

Change the setting for the window one-touch operation via the Car and Key memory.

  1. Start an ISTA/P session.
  2. Select the “Vehicle” tab.
  3. Select the “CKM” tab.
  4. Select “Power windows” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Set each of the one-touch window selections to Active.
  6. Select the Measures Plan button.
  7. Accept the Measures Plan and the update will take place.

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