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This bulletin applies to 2007-2010 Lexus ES350 and RX350 models. Some vehicles may exhibit a MIL on DTC P0138 and/or P0158 (oxygen sensor circuit high voltage bank 1 or 2). In some instances, a P2195 or P2197 (A/F sensor signal stuck lean) DTC may also be present.
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  • 15.04.2016
This bulletin applies to 2009 Audi Quattro, Avant, S6 and A6 models. DTCs 00447 (functions restriction due to high voltage) and 00532 (supply voltage B+ upper limit exceeded) may be stored in the lane change assistance control unit.
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  • 07.04.2016
This bulletin applies to a number of Infiniti vehicles, including 2008-2009 G37 Coupe, 2009 FX35/FX50, 2008-2009 M35/M45 and 2007-2009 G35 Sedan.
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  • 30.03.2016
This bulletin applies to 2012 Audi A6 Sedan models. The customer may report that the ignition key cannot be removed despite selecting mode “P.”
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  • 25.03.2016
This bulletin applies to Volkswagen vehicles equipped with a TDI diesel engine, such as the 2012 Eos. Under certain conditions, you may heart the glow plug relay J52 clicking on and off after the engine is started.
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  • 16.03.2016


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