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Audi DTCs for “Please read memory of engine control unit,” or “Load/RPM signal missing from engine control unit” are stored in the memory of the ESP control unit. When ESP regulation is necessary, the system interferes with the engine management system to reduce torque. Before the ESP system activates the brakes, TCS regulation takes place. The engine management system must work flawlessly to ensure proper ESP system operation.
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  • 14.06.2016
This bulletin applies to 2009 Audi A5/S5 models where an engine no-start condition is experienced, despite pressing the clutch pedal. The driver information center permanently shows the message “To start engine press clutch.”
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  • 09.06.2016
Delphi Product & Service Solutions has launched its new DS-Flash Pass-Thru package at Automechanika Birmingham. The tool provides independent garages with online access to vehicle manufacturer’s websites, enabling workshop to reprogram and update vehicle electronic control units without expensive dealer-only tools and software.
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  • 08.06.2016
Melett has issued some very useful advice on the growing issue of turbocharger failure, especially in relation to the identification of common failures in warranty situations and to provide advice on how to prevent future failures occurring.
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  • 02.06.2016
With the summer upon us it is time to invest in your air conditioning kit. The Sun Koolkare range from Snap-on offers air-con recycling designed for modern workshops that deal with all kinds of differing vehicle systems.
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  • 31.05.2016
This bulletin applies to 2007 BMW 335i models, equipped with the N54 engine and produced from 6-1-2006 through 9-15-2006. The complaint may involve a slight bucking under acceleration or when pulling away after a cold start.
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  • 30.05.2016


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