Auto Bild sport tyre test: A surprisingly modest result for Continental

Continental’s had a good run of it in the spate of tyre tests published in time for summer 2017. From victory in the main Auto Bild summer tyre test to wins in those conducted by Auto Bild Sportscars, GTÜ and Gute Fahrt, the Continental Premium Contact 6 and SportContact 6 were deemed amongst the best that money can buy. It thus came as a surprise to see a Conti tyre sitting near the tail end of the newest Auto Bild test table.
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Budget winter tyres a false economy, says Continental

When the budget is tight the car may end up staying in the driveway a few years longer than planned, and the temptation to plump for a cheaper set of tyres is strong. But Continental argues that it is precisely these motorists – those driving older vehicles – who shouldn’t scrimp when it comes to tyre purchases, particularly for winter tyres.
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BREMBO BRAKES: first class performance and rating

Readers of German car and motorcycle trade magazines have been voting for products across the entire car and motorcycle market. Once again the result confirms the basic principle: if you want to be safe at speed you need the best brakes. A discipline dominated by Brembo and honored by the public with the rating "Best Brand". 
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