National No Smoking Day falls on 9 March and serves as a reminder of the new law, which bans smoking in vehicles carrying children. Not only is this a timely health warning, but motor industry valuation specialist, cap, warns that smoking in the car can also damage the resale value of vehicles. With this in mind, cap urges car owners to stub out the cigarette for a healthier body and bank balance.
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  • 04.03.2016
The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris has been big news in the media over recent weeks. But whilst most of the focus has been on industry and power generation, some important agreements were also reached concerning the automotive sector. This included a combination of 13 country and state bodies forming a Zero Emissions Vehicle Alliance.
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  • 21.12.2015
Emissions testing fraud should be investigated thoroughly and those responsible should face appropriate sanctions, said MEPs in a resolution passed on Tuesday 27 October. They said that the EU emissions testing system should be strengthened to ensure that EU emission limits are respected and that vehicles exceeding these limits are discovered quickly. They also recommended considering whether to establish an EU-level surveillance authority.
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  • 09.11.2015
Using more than a billion miles of driving behaviour data, collected over three years (2011-2014), Wunelli, a LexisNexis company, has revealed the most frequent braking black spots across the UK created by speed cameras, based on motorists braking excessively just before speed cameras to avoid being caught.
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  • 28.10.2015


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