How to prevent water pump failure?

  The majority of water pump failures are caused by some other factor than a bad-quality water pump. It’s easy to blame the pump. But, it takes a good technician to identify the root cause and correct the situation before another water pump fails. A faulty mechanical seal caused by bad installation practices is the most common cause of premature water pump failure.
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MEYLE and MEYLE-HD water pumps: Raising the benchmark with SiC/SiC mechanical seals

Featuring silicon carbide mechanical seals, MEYLE and MEYLE-HD water pumps outperform conventional designs in terms of quality: All water pumps designed by Hamburg manufacturer Wulf Gaertner Autoparts come with a 100,000-miles (160,934 kilometres) minimum performance guarantee – in addition to the respective guarantee period. The performance guarantee is offered independently of the standard four-year guarantee given for all MEYLE-HD parts and exclusively covers part mileage.
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