Goodyear to shut Philippsburg tyre plant in Germany

Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany has released a statement regarding the planned closure of its tyre factory in Philippsburg, northwest of Stuttgart. The closure will occur as part of the tyre maker’s efforts to reduce overcapacity for low-margin products. A timetable for winding-down production in Philippsburg has not yet been made public, and the plant’s closure will follow negotiations with employee unions. Some 890 jobs are expected to be lost.
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TÜV Süd: Semi-slick tyres have “no place” on public roads

Semi-slick tyres are unsuitable for road use, state the team behind a comparative test published by Swiss magazine Auto Illustrierte. An evaluation between standard, ultra-high performance and semi-slick tyres conducted at the Goodyear proving ground in Mireval, France showed the racing tyres take much longer to stop on wet road surfaces than their more conventional counterparts. Specialists from TÜV Süd supported the Auto Illustrierte testing and evaluated the results as a neutral partner.
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Go Goodyear – a new app for tyre industry professionals

Goodyear claims an industry first with the launch of a new app that focuses on educating the people who buy, sell or fit Goodyear tyres. Named ‘Go Goodyear’, the free app is aimed at smartphone and tablet users and offers a range of features, including fast access to fitment guides, tyre education, interesting videos and product information. In addition, Goodyear intends to keep users engaged through competitions and quirky items such as a ‘Chamber of Horrors’, and articles on futuristic mobility.
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Goodyear highlights effects of truck tyre choice on CO2 emissions

Goodyear has added its voice to the debate on the integrated efforts to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the transport industry. The tyre manufacturer points out the effect that recent truck tyre developments have had on significantly reducing CO2 emissions made by commercial vehicles. It also highlights the effectiveness of the EU tyre label in achieving CO2 reduction across the transport industry.
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Goodyear converting Luxembourg wire plant land into Automotive Campus

Goodyear, together with the Luxembourg government and IEE, have announced plans to develop a new Automotive Campus dedicated to innovation. The Luxembourg Automotive Campus research and development area is intended to provide state of the art facilities to companies involved in technological innovation for the automotive sector. The tyre manufacturer also announced that part of its partnership with the Automotive Campus project means moving all its local non-manufacturing personnel onto the new site.
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